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Best Worcester Bosch Boilers

12 Mar 2019, Sam

Getting a new boiler is a big decision for any household – most people pay between £1,750 and £2,750 for one including installation – and it’s always worth investing a…

Best Boiler Brands

17 Dec 2018, Pavani

With new boilers costing an average of between £1,650 and £3,500, homeowners have to make extra sure that the decision they make on the boiler they choose for their home is the right on…

Free Eco Boiler Scheme UK

03 Dec 2018, Pavani

Hundreds of millions of pounds is spent every year installing brand new, free-to-the-user boilers into people’s homes – and you don’t even need to own the home you live in to qual…

Boiler Replacement Grant

23 Nov 2018, Pavani

For many people, a new boiler would be ideal as winter draws in but getting one might be a little too pricey at the moment. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get the energy companies to pay …

How to Save £1000 on a New Boiler

09 Oct 2018, Pavani

For homeowners looking to save money when they need to replace their boiler, here’s our guide on how you can bring down not only the cost of a brand new boiler but also its installation in yo…


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