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Comparing Boiler Prices

2019-11-15, Sam

With Compare Companies, you can compare boiler prices without getting hot under the collar. Our innovative comparison service makes finding a fantastic deal on a new boiler for your home straightfo…

Best Worcester Bosch Boilers

2019-03-12, Sam

Getting a new boiler is a big decision for any household – most people pay between £1,750 and £2,750 for one including installation – and it’s always worth investing a…

Best Boiler Brands

2018-12-17, Pavani

With new boilers costing an average of between £1,650 and £3,500, homeowners have to make extra sure that the decision they make on the boiler they choose for their home is the right on…

Free Eco Boiler Scheme UK

2018-12-03, Pavani

Hundreds of millions of pounds is spent every year installing brand new, free-to-the-user boilers into people’s homes – and you don’t even need to own the home you live in to qual…

Boiler Replacement Grant

2018-11-13, Pavani

For many people, a new boiler would be ideal as winter draws in but getting one might be a little too pricey at the moment. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get the energy companies to pay …

How to Save £1000 on a New Boiler

2018-10-09, Pavani

For homeowners looking to save money when they need to replace their boiler, here’s our guide on how you can bring down not only the cost of a brand new boiler but also its installation in yo…


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