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Build A Free Standing Conservatory

2020-03-25, Sam

Build a free standing conservatory, and you'll create an entirely new space in your home. While most people install these spaces to extend their current space, there's another way to create more ro…

Customise Your Conservatory

2020-02-14, Sam

It's easy to customise your conservatory when you work with Compare Companies. If you're looking to add a new space to your home, then there's no need to compromise. Instead of choosing from a rang…

Which Conservatory Style Should You Choose?

2019-11-14, Sam

Which conservatory style should you choose? It's a crucial question if you want to expand your space while maintaining its style and character. With Compare Companies, however, you can decide on a …

Buying a New Conservatory

2019-08-02, Andy

Conservatories remain as one of the most popular types of home improvements undertaken by British property owners. Your conservatory is both a room in your home and a room that's separate from it -…

Difference between Conservatory & Orangery

2018-11-26, Pavani

A lot of people have a conservatory on their home but very few people have an orangery. In fact, not many people actually know what an orangery is. So, in this article,the CompareCompanies team des…

Conservatory Prices by Size

2019-07-02, Pavani

Conservatory costs will vary the larger the conservatory you want - the more you’ll pay for it. But how much more? There is definitely a premium but, in reality, that premium is probably not …

Cheap Conservatory Prices

2019-10-22, Pavani

Despite being one of the most expensive home improvements on the market, the popularity of conservatories never really wanes among British homeowners. But if you’re on a budget, how do you go…


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